Alexander Ragsdale

Joseph (tentative) Ragsdale Frances (tentative) Beavil Alexander McDowell Jane
Richard Ragsdale Martha McDowell
Alexander Ragsdale


Source: Alexander Ragsdale Est. Box 11 Montgomery County, Indiana Probate
Records ( )are mine for clarification CA 1845-46

Martha, his mother; John Stephenson and Nancy (Ragsdale) his wife sister to said deceased, age about 45 years(1800, half sister); William Blair and Dorcas his wife sister etc aged about 30 years (1815 full sister); Silas Findley and Malinda his wife sister etc aged about 35 years (1810 full sister); William Starke and Rebecca his wife sister etc aged about 38 years (1807 full sister); Elizabeth Ragsdale sister etc aged about 32 years (1813 full sister); Richard Ragsdale brother etc aged about 22 years (1823 full brother); Jane Ragsdale sister etc aged about 19 years (1826 full sister); Also the HEIRS of Joseph (deceased, half-brother) brother of the deceased-{Lucinda Hicks, age 31, Richard age 29, William age 27, Drewry aged 25, Malinda aged 22, John aged 19, Rebecca age 17, Joseph aged 15, Francis (male) aged 12 all heirs of brother Joseph. } Also Frances Ragsdale(female) aged about 60 sister of the deceased (1785 half sister); Sally Stephens about 58 years of age and her husband William Stephens (1787 half sister); William Ragsdale brother to the deceased and aged about 55 (1790 half brother); And the heirs at law of Drewy (Drury)Ragsdale (deceased)the names of whom are unknown to this petitioner. The heirs of said Drewy being unknown and William and Sally Stephens and William are not residents of the state of Indiana, The petitioner prays your honor that said non-resident heirs may be notified by publication in the manner and form provided for by the statute in such cases.

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