Allan H. Gibson

Birth: 1860

Married Nonie Barndollar on JUL 1914 at Coffeyville, KS

Allen Hiatt Rhoda Hunt
Isaac Thornburg Gibson Anna Mary Hiatt
Allan H. Gibson
m.Nonie Barndollar

Salem News Jan. 27, 1898
Founder of Present Osage Annuities.
Mr. A. H. Gibson, of Claremore, in the Cherokee country, Indian territory , was a visitor in the city last week. Mr. Gibson's father, Hon. Isaac Gibson, of Salem, Iowa, many years ago in charge of the Osage agency, was practically the founder of the present system of Osage annuities. The Indians had contracted their lands at 18 cents an acre to a railway company. Agent Gibson broke up that treaty and after much effort secured action by congress by which the government bought the lands at $1.25 an acre, issuing 5 per cent bonds therefore and paying the tribe the interest from year to year. The arrangement now nets the Indians about $6,000 or $7,000 per annum per capita and the tribe is immensely wealthy. The plan, while saving each member from poverty,can hardly be said to be to the moral and physical benefit of the individual members as many of them lead lazy, aimless lives, squandering their money for whiskey and in dissipation. The money, however, is justly theirs and they have a right to do with it as they please. The ultimate outcome will be the extinction of the tribe. White people inter-marry and share in the annuities of the government and a race of half-breeds is growing up to add to the social complexity. This situation in Indian territory is not an ideal one for modern civilization, but it is difficult to change present conditions by any other than educational and moral influences. - Hawk-Eye.

Salem News 5-1-1902
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Gibson are enjoying a visit from their son, Allan, of Pawhuska, I.T., who stopped here on his return from Washington, D.C., whre hea had been for several months.

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