Rossie May Joy

Birth: 24 NOV 1899, Hays, KS
Death: 12 AUG 1981, Ellis Co., KS

Married Claud Stackhouse

James McIntosh Cordelia Byers
Reuben Folger Joy Elizabeth "Lizzie" McIntosh
Rossie May Joy
m.Claud Stackhouse

At Home In
Ellis County, Kansas
Volume 2
Published by
Historical Book Committee
Ellis County Historical Society
Hays, Kansas
Printed by
Taylor Publishing Company
Dallas, Texas
Pages 585, 586
Stackhouse, Claud and Rossie

Rossie Joy was born November 24, 1889, at Hays, Kansas, the third of twelve children of Reuben Folger and Elizabeth (McIntosh) Joy. They lived on a farm northwest of Hays. She went to school at Silverdale. The teacher was Anna Reed, daughter of Mr. Reed, who had a grocery storein Hays. Anna later married Mr. Sternberg of the Sternberg Museum at Fort Hays State University.
Rossie's great-uncle, Hiram Byers, and his wife Anna were middle-aged people but they had no children. They coaxed Rossie to go live with them. As they only lived a few miles away, her folks finally agreed. They were very good to her and brought her home to visit quite often. She finished grade school in Buckeye, riding a horse to and from school. After the eighth grade, they wanted her to go to high school but she wanted no part of that. They then arranged for her to stay with a friend of theirs, Mrs. Ringle, and to go to Normal School. She tried it for awhile but soon decided school was not for her.
The farm next to the Byers belonged to Aunt Anna's sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. John (Minnie) Stackhouse. They had only one child, Claud. As Claud and Rossie grew up they became very good friends, fell in love and were married.
They lived with Claud's mother and took care of her until she died. His father had died several years earlier. Rossie was very happy as a farmer's wife, but there was on big disappointment, they had no children. She and Claud both loved kids and tried to adopt several times but were not successful.
Their home became a wonderful place for nieces and nephews to spend vacations. Their home was always full of happy kids and they spoiled them rotten. Uncle Claud and Aunt Rossie were loved very much by my children.
Claud was injured in an accident while working with cattle and died in 1943.
Rossie continued to live on the farm. It was hard to make ends meet for a long time until oil was found on the land.
Her brother Hiram was killed in a car accident in Oregon City, Oregon, leaving a two month old son, George Joy. Rossie was made his legal guardian and raised him as her son. She was so happy to have a child that after George was grown she adopted him.
Rossie was very generous with her time. She and her sister Esther Jensen were always ready to help anyone who needed something done no matter what it was. They were always together and were lovingly called "The Gold Dust Twins." Their hobbies were quilting, crocheting, traveling and fishing.
Rossie was a member of St. Andrew Episcopal Church and V.F.W. Auxiliary. She was a charter member of the Buckeye Community Club and Ellis County Historical Society where she was a volunteer there and spent a lot of time weaving rugs on the loom.
Rossie died at her home August 12, 1981, age 81 years. She was survived by her son George and wife Marylin, five grandchildren, two brothers, Reuben and Henry Joy, and six sisters, Esther Jensen, Dorothy Ostrom, Foila Gosser, Mildred Drees, Mary Stanley and Helen Griffin. submitted by Mildred (Joy) Drees

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