George Walter McIntosh

Birth: (Private)

Married Olive Rupp on 3 JUN 1929

James McIntosh Cordelia Byers
George William McIntosh Minnie Miller
George Walter McIntosh
m.Olive Rupp

Wilma Jean McIntosh

Charles Oscar McIntosh

Agnes Darlene McIntosh

Walter Francis McIntosh

Dorothy Ann McIntosh

At Home In
Ellis County, Kansas
Volume 2
Published by
Historical Book Committee
Ellis County Historical Society
Hays, Kansas
Printed by
Taylor Publishing Company
Dallas, Texas
from page 396
McIntosh, George Walter and Olive
George Walter McIntosh was born November 23, 1903, at Hyacinth, Kansas, the youngest son of George William McIntosh and Minnie (Miller) McIntosh, who were married in 1895. Walter's older brother, Robert, born July20, 1897, now resides in Casper, Wyoming. Another brother, Elmer, born in 1899, died in October 1959. Walter started school in 1908 in Silverdale, District #42, which is about sixteen miles north of Hays. His first teacher was his sister, Clara McIntosh. In those days teachers werepaid $50 a month regardless of the number of pupils. Walter graduated from the 8th grade in 1916. Due to the distance from Hays and shortage of money, Walter was unable to attend high school so he repeated the 8th grade and was amazed at what he learned the second year.
He wanted to learn to play the violin so he traded his motorcycle for a violin. Soon he was playing for weddings and barn dances for donations.
On June 3, 1929, he married Olive Rupp, one of thirteen children of Alex A. Rupp and Barbara (Sander) Rupp. To this union were born Wilma Jean, Charles Oscar, Agnes Darlene, Walter Francis and Dorothy Ann. Wilma Jean married Walter A. Korbe and has three children; Jean is now married to Fred W. Berger; Charles married Leona Leiker and has six children; Agnes married Alvin Hammerschmidt and has three children; Francis was married to Joan Schmid and has two daughters; Dorothy was married to Jerry Fross and has one son.
Walter's grandfather, James McIntosh was born in Keokuk, Iowa in 1843, and moved to Ohio. He was a volunteer in the 184th Ohio infantry inthe Civil War, serving as a medic to the wounded. James's brother, Ebacanizer, also was a doctor. After the war James moved to Kansas and married Cordelia Byers. They had six children: George William; John Alexander; Mary ,who married John O'Loughlin; Ida, who married Herman Wirtz; Elizabeth, who married Folger Joy; Clara, who married George Balls.
James and Cordelia bought a farm three miles west and eight miles north of Hays where they raised their family. Besides farming, James was appointed by the U. S. Government as the Postmaster of Bantam Post Office from 1906 until RFD was established.
Cordelia died in 1924 and James died in 1929.
Walter's father bought 160 acres in Buckeye Township (12-12-19) for $3 per acre, and Walter was born and reared here. On May 20, 1918, a tornado destroyed all the buildings and machinery, and the family barely escaped with their lives.
His mother's father, William F. Miller, was born in DeKalb County, Illinois, and was a volunteer in the Civil War, serving in "Company C," 105th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. After the war, William married Mary Ungry, a Holland descendent, and they had two boys and tow girls, one being Walter's mother, Minnie.
Walter's father, George William was born January 24, 1868, died October 19, 1961. His mother, Minnie, was born October 6, 1873; died in spring of 1930.
W. F. Miller died June 2, 1898; his wife Mary died May 5, 1892.
Walter's father and Uncle Bert Miller owned a Huber steam engine with an Avery grain separator and thrashed wheat for the neighbors, sometimes as much as 1700 bushels a day. Walter is a graduate of Sweeney Auto School in Kansas City, Kansas. He is in excellent health and enjoys fishing. submitted by Jean Berger.

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