Franklin Byers

Birth: 1837, Ohio
Death: 24 AUG 1878, nr. Dodgeville, Des Moines Co., IA

Married (1) Maria Miller on 14 FEB 1861 at Mt. Pleasant, Ia.

Married (2) Amanda J. Wood on 17 JAN 1867

John Byers Mary Elizabeth Daily
Franklin Byers
m.(1) Maria Miller

m.(2) Amanda J. Wood

Clarence E. Byers

Burlington Daily Hawk-eye August 24, 1878
Two Men Killed and Four Others
Seriously Injured
The boiler in the saw mill of Lucius Ball, situated a few miles southwest of Dodgeville in this county, about twelve miles from this city, exploded yesterday afternoon with a terrific report, and resulted in the complete destruction of boiler mill and engine. The boiler was torn in fragments and scattered far around the previous site of the mill; the logs and shed were so cleaned out that the spot now looks as though there never had been a mill or shed at that place. Six persons were severely scalded and bruised by the accident, the injuries to two ofthem being fatal. The fatally injured were B. F. Byers, the sawyer, a man about thirty years of age, and the engineer, Wint Calloway, about twenty one years old. A young man named Carl is hurt very badly and two men named Hayes have received some severe wounds but are not considered dangerous. John Reed was engaged in loading railroad ties in the yard when the explosion occurred. He was struck on the head by the debris and scalded by the escaping steam, and lay senseless for a long time. His team as well as himself was nearly covered with the mud and debris.
As soon as possible the sufferers were given all assistance possible. Dr. Barclay, of Dodgeville, and a doctor from Pleasant Grove were attending to the wants of the victims. The sufferings of the injured men were amore than the strongest man could face. A more complete disaster than the destruction of the mill was never recorded.
We are indebted to Mr. J. M. Sperry for the news of the above disaster.

Mt. Pleasant Journal
August 29, 1878
Mr. B. F. Byers, the sawyer who was killed at Danville last Thursday, by the boiler explosion, was a resident of Salem, this county.

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