Harlan Evan Dewey Pickard

Birth: 3 APR 1899, Henry Co., Jackson Twp.
Death: 22 APR 1973, Henry Co., Ia.
Burial: Salem East Cemetery

Married Dorthea "Dora" Marie Hoyer on 27 AUG 1921 at Lutheran Parsonage, Ft. Madison, Ia.

John Hannah Catherine J. Seton
George Harlan Pickard Sarah Jane "Janie" Hannah
Harlan Evan Dewey Pickard
m.Dorthea "Dora" Marie Hoyer

Willadean Pickard

Marguerite Jane Pickard

Helen Eloise Pickard

Dorothy Marie Pickard

Richard Dewey Pickard

The Salem Weekly News March 28, 1918
Dewey Pickard begun the spring term of school at Oak Grove, Monday.

The Salem Weekly News October 17, 1918
The Salem boys in camp and training who were victims of the Spanish influenza were all convalescent at last report. They were, Robt. Collatt, Owen Hummell, George Tyner, Ernest Van Trump, Ray Garmoe, Scott Watts, Camp Dodge; Gilbert Hoggatt, Will Simkin, Bayard Friend and Dewey Pickard, Ames.
The Salem Weekly News September 18, 1919
.... Jackson Twp. .... Oak Grove Dewey Pickard; Dorland, Laura Cammack; Glendale, Mrs. Alice Bunker;.... Salem Twp. Maple Grove, Nettie Cammack; Center, Hazel Donaldson...... Tippecanoe Twp..... Maple Grove, Alice Savage

The Salem Weekly News March 11,1920
We are informed that George the 8-yr. Old son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Willis of the Jackson neighborhood is in a serious condition, a result, it is alleged, of a whipping administered by the teacher, Dewey Pickard. Two Mt. Pleasant doctors are treating the child.

The Salem Weekly News December 9,1920
Dewey Pickard figured in an auto accident the other day in Mt. Pleasant according to the News when his "Ford touring car and a taxicab collided at the corner of Adams and Henry streets. The taxicab struck the Ford squarely in the middle and both cars were turned around, the taxicab being turned over also. One of the taxi's passengers suffered a badcut on the chin. The taxi and sustained two broken wheels and a smashed front end. The Pickard car had a broken fender among other things.

Salem News May 10, 1921
After considering the case for several hours the jury returned a verdict of "not guilty' in the case of the state of Iowa vs. Dewey Pickard charged with "assault with intention to inflict great bodily injury" upon George Willis, the eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. William Willis of Jackson township, while Pickard was teaching the Bushwack school and Willis was a pupil.
The verdict was no surprise as the evidence failed to show that there was any attempt to injure the boy in the whipping that he received for stealing and lying.
The evidence brought out was to the effect that the boy would refuse to recite and had sullen spells when he would not obey the teacher. Mr. Pickard did the best he could and even consulted the parents but to no avail. Finally several articles were missed by the other students and on March 2, 1920 some of them were found in the boy's desk and pockets and he later dug up others in the yard. Pickard then whipped the boy, who confessed, remaining in school that afternoon.
The boy reported the whipping and the parents finding his legs bruised had him examined by Mt. Pleasant doctors some neighbors also came in. The next day the bruises had turned dark and looked bad but no skin was broken or blood flowed.
The whole question was as to whether the boy was shipped with too great severity. The district is reported as bout evenly divided on the subject.
The case was watched with much interest by school authorities as if Pickard were found guilty teachers would be afraid to use corporal punishment as they would run the risk of being arrested for assault,with a possibility of five years in the penitentiary.
We note that John McMasters was on the jury.

Salem News June 25, 1925
Jackson- Dewey Pickard moved the Raymond Hannah house down to his farm after Mr. Hannah vacated it for their new home.

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