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Re: You, body B I I I I I I I I G!!!

My Dad retired to working full time this year...seems to be a common
theme.  Maybe your house mouse and my pet cockroaches could get together
and make themselves a full-scale infestation?


On Thu, 18 Oct 2007 12:46:00 -0500, "Jay Hannah" <jay@xxxxxxxx> said:
Roberta Jenkins wrote:
Thanks for the sweet reply.  I appreciate it.

How're things for you guys these days?  Last I heard from anyone in your
clan it was pre-Australia...news?


There are 1000 photos of the Australia trip here:


You inspired me to update my blog:

Brad's back at school for electronics repair, living in KC w/ the folks. 
They're doing good. Dad retired from the church, is working for Habitat 
for Humanity full time. Mom's working mediation services part time (full 
time?). They're coming up (Omaha) for Thanksgiving and we might go down 
for Christmas...

uh...  we adopted a house mouse. That's about it.  :)