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New arrival!

This message was going to be about some assorted recent tribulations
(broken computer, broken camera, broken cell phone, termites in the
walls, that sort of thing...), plus my extreme craftiness with jute rope
and cable ties.  It would probably have been very long and not entirely
captivating for you, my good friends/captive audience.  But luckily for
you a miracle has ocurred just in the nick of time and saved you all the
trauma of reading the above, unwritten letter.  Instead...

...I have a new niece!!  (insert appropriate party sounds here - this is
a brilliant day!!)

My sister Leah and her family (well, more Leah than Beto or Tanner!) had
little Leandra Yosune at 10:34am on a recent morning.  I'd love to tell
you which morning exactly, but to be honest in all the excitement I
forgot to work out the time differential between here and there and am
not sure if it was the 28th or 29th.  I think it was the 28th in Grande

Mom (as in my mom, not as in the new mom - boy this multi-generation
thing gets confusing in a hurry!) already sent pictures and they are
astounding.  Even though Leandra was only a few hours old when the shots
were taken, she doesn't look like a newborn at all.  No battle wounds,
no odd red/white sheen, lots and lots of dak hair, and a really
expressive face.  She has this look in her wide-open eyes like she
doesn't quite know what to make of her surroundings and even though
might prefer to be somewhere a little less weird, is still making up her
mind about it all.  I've opened the e-mail with the photos about a
million times already and I can't wait to see her in person.  Nieces and
nephews are SO cool!!

I hope that all is well for each of you, wherever you are at the moment.
 If you were near enough, I would be dancing with each of you on this
great, great day!