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The cold, take 2

Thank you everyone who sent kind words (or thoughts!) to help me chase
my nasty cold away.  The good news is that the worst of the bug is
passed.  The bad news is that, save perpetual ringing, I still can't
hear anything out of my left ear.  And that this occassionally causes me
to teeter around like a drunk, internal ballast not being what it
usually is.  Or perhaps it's the 17 pills a day the doctor prescribed to
combat the last of this infection that is causing the balance problems? 
I'll let you know, when things straighten out again.

Being sick is a wonderful excuse to read (not that I ever needed one). 
All these marvelous authors and ideas swirling around upstairs are bound
to have an effect...fortunately (or not!) the results of this evening's
affectation can be found on my blog
(http://robertajenkins.blogspot.com), along with some recent snapshots
of the lantern festival in Seoul.  Hopefully you do not have to be as
drugged as I currently am to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed
writing it!