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Christmas in Thailand!

Man, do I love boarding lounge internet cafes!!  This one, at Seoul's
Inchon airport, is especially nice...

After a wonderfully relaxing 2 days in Seoul, I am on my way. 
Considering today's frosty air, I am looking forward to getting off the
plane in the sticky heat of Bangkok - even if it will be something like
1am.  Good thing all those 7-11's are open 24 hours, guaranteeing my
safety, eh?!!  Returning to Thailand feels a little like going home,
I've been there so many times recently.  I can see the cozy bed in my
little room at my favorite little guesthouse already, waiting for me!

This request came from Barb, but I thought you all might be interested. 
On my way out the door, she asked for a list of the 15 most important
things in my backpack.  Since there aren't too many more than 15 things
alltogether in my backpack (thank you Erik - I am getting to be a pro at
this!), here's the itemized list in its entirety...

-2 changes of underwear, 1 change of socks
-1 each: tank top, t-shirt, button-up shirt, sweater
-pair of shorts
-silk sleeping bag liner (usually this is a sarong, but mine cratered
last time out)
-shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant (the rock kind is brilliant
for travel), glasses, spare contact lenses and solution, hair elastics
-bandaids, medical tape, wet naps, butterfly bandages (hey, I'm a clutz,
-dental floss sewing kit (1 needle, 2 safety pins in the roll of df)
-camera and film
-swimmer's towel

Managed to get it down to a regular day-pack and pretty darned excited
about being on the road with something so convenient.  I am READY!!!!!

Endnote, as you can see from the header - pushed back my ticket to
Calcutta a little so that I can be in Thailand for Christmas.  Or
rather, so that I can be in Thailand long enough to meet my friends, who
are making their way south from China as I write.  I now fly into
Calcutta on the 28th - not a big difference, but hopefully enough. 
Excited to be in a familiar place on the big day, and in a new place for
New Year's.  

Hope you are all well - next time, words from the road (for real!)...
thinking of you all!  Roberta