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Glimpses of Laos

Except for the gate to indo-china, which I passed through on my way out
of Thailand (the border crossing there is obviously the river - Mekong -
 so you go through the gate and get in the water taxi and next thing you
know, Laos), these pictures are from the middle of my time in Laos.
Shots of the boat I spent almost 9 hours on (shooting rapids, no less!),
from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiew.  The floating gas station we filled up
at on the way.  Nong Khiew from across the river (there's a bridge that
spans the river there - I stayed on the opposite side from town).  The
river and mountains from Nong Khiew.  The village children, who came
down to greet our boat when it landed.  The little boy next to the guest
house where I stayed, enjoying his breakfast (yes, that is a deep fried
chicken head on his ball of rice)... 

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