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This weekend I again made the Seoul trip with Erik.  Second time in just
over 2 weeks.  Last time it was him coming up to welcome me home.  This
time it was me going up to bid him farewell.  

Erik, my good friend/housemate, is flying to Hong Kong as I write.  He's
finished his contract and moving on.  Back to China, which he's helped
me to fall as much in love with as he is, where he's lived off and on
for the last several years.  

Although I don't miss him physically yet, having just been with him a
few hours ago, I am already missing the knowledge of him being around
intensely.  I can't even begin to describe the things he has shared with
me this year, or the time.  I know this ache, which is both emptiness
and over-full, will pass soon enough (at least enough so that I am not
sitting perpetually at my computer with tears in my eyes!).  But for now
it feels awful.  I know this is part of life on the road (okay, part of
life period).  

Sometimes are far harder than others to say goodbye.  I suspect you all
know this also, perhaps better than you would like.  Perhaps everyone
does.  Then you know also that knowing does not make it easier to bear.

(but perhaps the group therapy of sending out a mass e-mail on the
subject will - my gracious bow to you Jay for suggesting it on another
weepy subject a long time ago...)

Love, Roberta