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A quickie

Much more to say on this topic, but the short version for now (in the middle of this VERY busy day...): I LOVE CHANGWON!!!!!  I took the night bus down last night to visit my friend at the university who I am taking over from in August and for a first glimpse of my new work - it's amazing.  Wide and open and green and surrounded by moutains.  My (soon to be) office atthe university is easily twice the size of my apartment in Suji and is on the 5th floor of a modern and comfortable building on campus with a breathtaking view of the mountains.  Today we hiked up to a mountain stream with a beautiful waterfall, picking wild strawberries and raspberries to eat along the way, and enjoying the freshair and blue sky (something we never see in Seoul).  Even though this trip is brutally short, it's making it so much easier to envision my time in this country - Suji has its very cool aspects, but I couldn't imagine spending much more than 3 months there.  Here it already feels like home.  I can't wait.
Off to supper with a Korean family, and then who knows what fun awaits?

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