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First Impressions

It's almost 7pm saturday in Suji - I've been in the country for about 4 hours now, 2 hours to clear customs, get my stuff and drive the hour to Suji and 2 hours in orientation here at the school - just finished my first Korean meal lovingly prepared by the school's adopt-a-mom (dried squid, surprisingly good, this giant vegetable hot pot called bibimbop, korean pizza, rice, kimchi and some strange little melon...).  There are 3 other foreign teachers on staff - all Canadian and all terrific - as well as a handful of Koreans, who are also all friednly and fun.  It seems like a really good environment (which I would appreciate more if I hadn't been awake for about 24 hours now and feeling like there is gravel under my eyelids).  My impressions of the country so far are not as positive - opressive smog, piles of traffic and a million miles of identical high rise apartment buildings - but I haven't seen too much yet and most of that in a blur, so I will hold out on making any definitive conclusions yet.
I'm sure there's lots more, but I'm too tired to think anymore.  I wonder if this whole orientation deal that I am in the middle of can wait until after I've seen my apartment, unpacked a little and had some sleep?
Mom and Dad, the trip was fine and I will call you in a couple days when I get my phone (cell) - until then the school is the only number.  I have lots of e-mail though, so write early and often!
Love to you all - Roberta

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