Dale Cammack

Birth: (Private)

Married Marcia Emeline Hannah on 30 MAY 1943 at Mt. Pleasant, Iowa

m.Marcia Emeline Hannah

Nancy Ruth Cammack

Lawrence Mitchell Cammack

Mark Wayne Cammack

Penelope Irene Cammack

Salem News March-26-1881
A beautiful home situated one mile east of Salem, 55 acres good land, with improvements not equalled in the state; 20 acres all kinds of fruit. Will be sold for less than improvements cost, if sold beforethe 1st of May. For further particulars address or inquire of V. Frazier Salem, Henry County, Iowa.
This is the farm in Jackson Twp. presently owned by Dale Cammack. It is the home he was living in when his father and mother died . It was subsequently sold to settle the estate of Ray Cammack and later bought back by Dale Cammack.
Salem farm
Publication Date: Thursday, March 21, 1996
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Salem farm picked By Tom SeeryDES MOINES - The search for the oldest family farm in Iowa ended Wednesday with a divided honor for two eastern Iowa farms. After considering 397 entries, a state panel decided to name two winners instead of one. The Garretson farm of Salem south of Mount Pleasant was declared the longest continuously settled farm in Iowa, while the Shaff farm of Camanche was declared the longest continuously owned farm in the state. Both farms were started in 1837, but the Garretson land was settled rather than purchased. "It hasn't been easy," Iowa Agriculture Secretary Dale Cochran said of the search conductedin conjunction with this year's 150th anniversary of Iowa statehood. "We did need official records so that there will be no question in the end."Most of the finalists in the contest were farms started in the 1830s as new areas were opened to settlers. "Settlement and purchase of land was a very complex process in the 1830s," Cochran said. William Garretson,a West Des Moines lawyer, said his family found a September 1837 survey map in the state archives that listed his family's name on a section of land in Henry County. The family farm still includes the original 80 acres that Joel Garretson started farming in the summer of 1837.

"I thought we probably had a 50-50 chance," William Garretson, whose cousins now farm the land, said. "We had good documentation." In Clinton County, the descendants of Heman Shaff were able to show that he came from New York to settle land near the fork of the Mississippi and Wapsipinicon rivers on Dec. 13, 1837. "My brother Sam and I are the fifth generation farming our family farm," Jonathan Shaff, 51, said at a ceremony Wednesday as the winners were announced. "It was almost lost during the Depression. My father, Paul, had to bring it back. It took about everything he had." The contest concluded with nine regional winners Northwest, the Wayne and Annette West farm near Estherville, established June 12, 1867. North-central, the Annis and Rose Thorsonfarm near St. Ansgar, established Sept. 5, 1854. Northeast, the Richard, John, Mike and Rich Molony farm near Bernard, established July 16, 1840. East-central, the Paul and Myrna Shaff trust farm near Camanche, established Dec. 13, 1837. Southeast, the Dale Cammack farm near Salem, established Nov. 24, 1838. South-central, the LaRoy, Virgil and Juanita Hiatt Dooley farm near Centerville, established April 10, 1849. Central, the Wayne and Donna Worth farm near Monroe, established Oct. 10, 1848. Southwest, the farm of Ivan and Claude Roberts, Alice Luhrs, Cora Slight and the children of Violet Jensen near Monroe, established May 8, 1854. West-central, the farm of James, Mary K. and Charles Lonsdale near Stuart, established Nov. 29, 1853. The recipient of the north-central Iowa award, Annis Thorson of St. Ansgar, died last week after an illness. He was notified of the award before his death, said Shirley Danskin-White, the assistant secretary of agriculture. "Mrs. Thorsontold us that the distinction made him very proud during his final days," she said. Cochran paid homage to the original farmers at Wednesday's ceremony at the state historical museum. "It's hard to comprehend the kind of hardships our ancestors had in those days," he said. "Here we are, farming with computers." He added, "If they were lucky, those pioneer farmers could raise enough food to feed themselves. Today, an Iowa farmer raises enough to feed 279 people.

Dale was in 35th Infantry, 138th Division until Nov. 1941
Horses were Bird and Dolly. Percheons. Raised byDad andElbert. Later sold to Bert Wolf.

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