Johannes Andersson

Birth: 27 NOV 1791, Timmele Parish Sweden Source
Death: 5 OCT 1869, Karthemmet farm, Hossna, Elfsberg, Vastergotland, Sweden Source

Married (1) Anna Lisa Gudmundsdotter Nyberg on 2 DEC 1821 at Hossna

Married (2) Lovisa Lonnerberg on 5 JUL 1834 at Karthemmet, Hossna, Alvsberg, Sweden

Anders Larson Maria Hansdotter
Johannes Andersson
m.(1) Anna Lisa Gudmundsdotter Nyberg

Josef Johansson

Anders Gustaf Johansson

Fredrika Johansdotter

Johan Adolph Johansson
m.(2) Lovisa Lonnerberg

Carl August Johansson

Johan Adolph Johansson

Maria Charlotta(Elisabeth) Johansdotter

Emma Christina Johansdotter

Svante Johansson

Emma Christina Johansdotter

Salomon Johansson

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