Mary Schlief

Birth: 20 SEP 1860, Peekskill, Westchester, New York Source
Death: 2 OCT 1946, Fairfield, Iowa Source

Married John Sessler on 3 OCT 1882 at Sigourney, Iowa

Johannes ( Tentative) Schleif Christina ( Tentative) Glass Theobald (Tentative) Hoffman Elisabetha Philippina (Tentative)Theobald
Samuel Schlief Katherine Hoffman
Mary Schlief
m.John Sessler

Bertha Sessler

Carl Sessler

George Sessler

Here are two pictures that I have,in the first one Mary Schlief Sessler is on the far left, Nellie is in the middle left then Bertha is in the middle right,and Lizzie is on the far right
In the second picture Lizzie is on the left Mary is in the middle and Hiram is on the right.
I blew up the pictures a little so they might show up kind of boxy but I wanted to make sure you could see them well.
Mary Sessler Had two sons as well as Bertha they were George M. (b 1890 in Iowa) and Carl Herman (b 1894). George married Ruth M.( I dont know her last name , I got this from a census ) and they had a son George E. (b 1928 in Texas).
Bertha Sessler Riley had 4 children John Jay (7/31/1920 in Fairfield) Mary(b 1925 in Iowa (probably Fairfield but I got that from a census too)) Frances (b 1928 in Fairfield ) and Andrew. John J. married Marjorie Eleanor Mack in the 1940s not exactly sure what year and they had a daughter Marjorie E. Jr and 2 months later his wife died of cancer. He remarried to Blanche McDonald and had 3 more kids John Jay Jr 1952, David (still born), and Barbara Ann 1956. Frances married John Charles Luther and they have 3 children but I cant remember thier names I have to look them up Frances and her husband are still living in Waukon Iowa She is where I got all of the pictures and info from. Knowone knows what happened to Mary or if she is even still alive. And Andrew died when he was very young.
I havent been able to go back any farther then Samuel and Katherine, Hoffman is such a common name which makes it difficult to get anywhere.
I hope that I have been able to help you

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