J's Thespianism

Here's a rundown of the shows I've been involved with. For gobs of information about the Omaha Community Theatre scene, visit the Theatre Arts Guild website.

June 2002: Ran lights for the Shelterskelter 7 (cast party)

September 2002: Sir Sagramore in Camelot at Bellevue Little Theatre.

June 2002: Ran lights for the Marriage of Bette and Boo

April 2002: Ran lights for Love is Strange

Feb 2002: Light operator, etc. for first-ever From Shelterbelt With Love

Tons 'o photos

Fall 2001: House mgr, lights for Shelter Skelter 6.

August 2001: House mgr, sound and lights for Precious Few.

April 2001: Work conflict kept me away for opening weekend, but after that I pitched in in all the usual miscellaneous capacities.

Fall 2000: House mgr, sound for Shelter Skelter 5.

Photos gallery including TAG night out.
Cast Party @ Jay's

Spring 2000: Stage manager / sound operator for Cyber:
Summer 2000: Stage manager, sound/light operator for Spider:

Photo gallery
Cast party @ Jay's

October 1999: Lights for Shelter Skelter 4:

December 1999: Actor in Stocking Stuffers 4: